As a new summer comes around the corner, many of our clients are wondering: how do we ensure our landscape looks fresh through the hottest months?

This is a good question and one we’re well-equipped to answer at J&S Lawn Care.

As the heat of summer comes, it can be easy to let your grass yellow, your gardens wilt, and your weeds overgrow. We’re here to say that you don’t have to let this happen. Even when the work is harder due to the beaming sun, you can keep your landscapes looking beautiful and brilliant. It just takes some preparation and foresight.

If you’re looking for expert advice to maintain a gorgeous landscape when it counts most, keep reading on!

Grass Maintenance

One of the aspects of their property our clients are most concerned with is their lawns.

Any homeowner or business owner will tell you that they struggle to keep their lawn looking green and lush in the summertime. The heat and lack of rainfall can make any yard turn yellow, becoming a problem that is difficult to fix. If you stay on top of your lawn with the right maintenance methods, you can enjoy greener pastures into late August.


It’s essential, first, that you do the watering properly. This doesn’t mean watering more frequently, but changing the routine to focus on what your grass needs: water at the roots. Always make sure you are getting the water in deep. You can do this by using a lot of water infrequently throughout the week. Watering in the morning or evening will also help filter water through to the ground, as the sun will not evaporate it all away.


Keeping the grass healthy includes more than just proper watering. Ensuring your lawn has the proper fertilization is also essential – plants need nutrients to grow. You should also make sure you are seeding bare or dead patches, to improve the consistency and thickness.


But no step matters more than your mowing technique. Many people will cut their grass low, so that it takes a longer time before you have to mow again. Set your mower to a taller setting, and you can prevent your grass from drying out and dying in the sun.

Garden Care

Gardens are the most beautiful part of any landscape, and you want to make sure yours are looking brilliant all summer long. You must strike a balance between having them overgrown and having your plants die; this can be difficult.

There are some steps you can take to keep your garden care routine as optimized as possible, saving you some time and effort, while keeping the garden fresher and flourishing.

The Basics

Like grass, the plants in your garden need three essential things to grow: sunlight, water, and nutrients. When you’re watering and fertilizing your grass, it’s a good idea to do the same for your gardens. This can help you save time by doing both at once, and will ensure that you’re keeping up a solid routine for the whole summer long.

The trick is to always water deeply and to fertilize closely around the plants. This will ensure the roots are taking up all the things they need to keep your plants as vibrant as possible.

Proper Plants

Some amateur gardeners try to make their gardens exotic, thinking this will make a more striking impression. While this can be true in the short-term, over the course of a long summer, these plants will become difficult to maintain. We always recommend choosing plants that are indigenous to your region and climate.

This accomplishes several benefits. First, the plants will be naturally adapted to your environment, meaning that it won’t take special care or fertilizer for them to grow. You’ll also be contributing to natural biodiversity as you promote plants that are supposed to grow in your area without introducing invasive species.


Many people can be shocked at how difficult it is to make their plants grow when weeds grow so easily. Gardens can be overcome by enormous and nasty weeds if you’re not careful, making your garden look disorganized, overrun, and neglected.

You should always keep an eye out for weeds all summer, but prevention is the best practice when it comes to weed mitigation. It’s best to do some serious weeding early in spring. Weeds are smaller at this time, making them easier to pull out, and if you pull them early, they won’t have the chance to grow and spread throughout the season.


Mulch can be one of your best friends when it comes to garden maintenance. It’s a very versatile material that can keep your garden looking defined against the lawn, and make your plants stand out against the dark background. There are also practical effects.

Mulch prevents sunlight from reaching the ground beneath the plants. This will keep your weeds starved of the energy they need to grow, limiting the amount of weed removal you’ll have to do through the summer months.

Patio Upkeep

If you have a patio, it’s also important that you get the most out of it in the summertime. There are many ways to make sure it looks great while you’re hosting summer BBQs and parties.

Adding a firepit can pull the space together, especially as a focal point at night time. Similarly, decorating the space with lights will keep your evenings going later, allowing you to enjoy more quality time with those you love.

You can always add natural touches, including potted plants, flowers, and other greenery to bring life to your patios or hardscapes.


Landscapes matter most in the summer when people are enjoying time outside in the beautiful weather. They also become challenging to maintain this time of year.

As the hot months roll around, use these landscaping tips to prepare yourself for an amazing season. We also have one last pointer.

If you really want your landscape to stand out this year, you can’t go wrong with a professional touch. Trust J&S Lawn Care to keep your lawns, gardens, and patio spaces in great shape all summer long! Book a consultation today.