Six Qualities to Consider When Finding a Landscaping Company

Many homeowners believe that landscaping is an excellent investment for enhancing a home. It is also widely known how much quality landscaping can improve its value in the real estate market.

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The perfect way to determine whether a landscaping company will be the right fit for you is to do some research. Pick out some of the top-rated businesses in the industry that serve your region and review their information to learn whether they can help you. Here, we have listed some of the primary qualities to consider in your research when you are searching for your ideal landscaping company:

1. Insured and Trained Landscaping Employees

Good landscaping companies often provide initial and continued training to their staff so they are well-versed in the field and its advancements. Crew members should have certificates in horticulture or diplomas in project management.

If you're looking to get your landscape design and installation from a company, it is vital that you seek the designer's qualifications. Landscaping businesses that invest in their employees' training are serious about their business and will ensure the quality of service is kept up with their projects.

Finally, landscaping companies are required to insure their employees for everyone's safety. If one of their employees gets injured while working on your property, you want to ensure the liability doesn't fall on you to cover damages. Instead, the company should have the staff insured to cover such costs.

2. Environment-Friendly Landscaping Company

One of the key aspects of getting a beautiful landscape is finding a company that understands the environment. The lawn setting in your yard and the climate in your area are essential elements to consider when you want the work to last. A good landscaping company will take note of such features when preparing your design.

Poorly chosen and placed plants can wreck the vicinity or die quickly, making it a wasted effort. An environment-friendly company will select plants that thrive in the atmosphere on your property. Their horticulture professionals will have this knowledge to assist you in finding suitable foliage.

3. Landscape and Plant Recommendations for Your Property

Different parts of your property will have varying characteristics depending on the sun or shade they receive or their inclination, drainage properties, soil, and moisture levels. These components affect plants differently and need to be considered.

A professional landscaping company will provide you with plant recommendations depending on the microclimate in the area. Their goal will be aligned with yours for sustainable greenery to be implemented on your property.

4. Experienced Landscapers

The adage "practice makes perfect" rings true here. Inexperienced landscaping businesses stand to make more mistakes, costing you unnecessary expenditures. Not only that, but they will also take longer to accomplish the correct result, forcing you to spend more on labor hours.

Many factors that make a landscape company great come from its time in the industry. Such a business will have practices that have been polished over the years. Their service will be streamlined and efficient and offer you the least inconvenience.

Finally, an experienced landscaping company will also have an established network of suppliers. That means you get your plants, soil, mulch fertilizers, and everything in between at the market's highest quality and lowest prices.

It is an excellent indicator if a landscaping company has crossed the 'decade mark' since they have adequately served customers for a long time to remain operational.

5. Check Landscaping Company References

A crucial method of weeding out the bad or inexperienced landscaping companies is their references. Reviews from past and present clients are an ideal way to determine whether the results of a landscaping company's work will meet your needs. You can also learn more about their quality of work and if it matches your standards.

You can check out references online. Companies these days post their previous customers' testimonials on their websites for added credibility. However, it is better to find the company's reviews on Google since websites can seem biased in posting only favorable testimonials.

If you need help finding reviews online, you can always contact the landscaping company in question and ask for references. They are bound to give you a few that you can call to ask about their service satisfaction. If the company hesitates to provide references, consider it a red flag.

6. Schedule a Consultation With Your Landscaper

Suppose you've used the above parameters to narrow your landscaping company selection. In that case, the next and final step is to schedule a consultation. Landscaping is a competitive industry, and a few businesses may seem to provide the above requirements. Then, the shining moment would be their consultation.

During the consultation, you can pay attention to the length of time the company spends with you: some companies will do a quick interaction and leave because it doesn't make them any money. Another quality to investigate is the type of questions they ask you and whether they are to the point and comprehensive.