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If you need some professional assistance mowing your lawn, J & S Lawn & Landscape LLC is here to help. We are the leading lawn care company serving Lexington and the surrounding area. When it comes to lawn mowing services, our team is the best in the business, offering speedy service, flawless results, and top-quality customer care—all at very fair price points. For all your lawn-mowing needs, consider us the first company to call.

For all inquiries, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (803) 603-6495 today. We’ll be happy to answer your questions or schedule you for a no-obligation consultation.

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Lexington’s Top Team of Lawn Mowers

Our years of experience have allowed us to master the art of lawn mowing. They’ve allowed us to work better, faster, and more efficiently to ensure the quality of our work and affordability of our prices. In terms of convenience and value, our services are a surefire way to boost your curb appeal without breaking the bank.

Here are some reasons to choose us:

  • We have a complete line of state-of-the-art equipment
  • You never have to worry about oiling, sharpening blades or repairs
  • You save precious summer hours you could be spending with loved ones
  • We do the labor, so you don’t risk injury
  • We know exactly when and how to mow to ensure optimal results

When you have an extended contract with us, we can monitor your lawn year-round and remind you about certain seasonal services. We’ll make sure your lawn is ready for upcoming seasonal changes, and that it stays healthy all months of the year.

Experienced Lawn Mowing Professionals

At J&S Lawn and Landscape LLC, we know how important it is for your lawn company to be experienced in the art of lawn mowing. We are committed to only offering the highest quality lawn services, which is why we always keep our team running as perfectly as possible. This requires hiring only the best lawn specialists in the area.

We screen our technicians to ensure they have the proper training, experience with the equipment, and attention to detail required for a perfectly groomed lawn. We also provide them with the relevant education to ensure they are adopting the proper measures, such as grass height, when they come to your property.

It’s not as easy as you think to keep a perfect lawn. It takes skill, knowledge, and experience. Luckily, our team has all of these in spades. Let us help your commercial or residential property stand out with exemplary lawn care. Just call (803) 603-6495 to book a consultation!

More Than Just a Grass Mowing Service 

We are a full-service landscaper. We can take care of all your lawn mowing needs, no matter the length of grass, size of your yard, or health of your lawn. Whatever the job may entail, you can count on us to be there to assist.

With our lawn mowing services, you can also enjoy a range of add-on options. Our many services include:

  • Lawn edging
  • Soil care
  • Lawn health maintenance
  • Fertilization
  • Aeration
  • …and more

Feel free to explore our website to discover all that we can do for you. Once you’re ready, we’ll be happy to schedule you in for a consultation so that we can determine your needs and provide a suitable service package.

Lawn Mowing On Your Schedule

If there’s one thing everyone knows about lawnmowers, it’s this: they’re loud. If you’re running a business or are trying to enjoy the peaceful quiet of home, having landscapers around when you don’t want them could be the worst inconvenience in the world. Rather than coming at times that work for us, we prefer to get the job done when you want it. This keeps our lawn mowing services more manageable, as you can prepare your plans around them.

J&S Lawn and Landscape LLC offers flexible lawn mowing service scheduling allowing you to choose when you get a service. If any time or day of the week works better for you, we want to know this. We always try to make our services as convenient as possible.

This is also true when we’re at your property. We never delay, work longer than expected, or come when we aren’t scheduled. We take your time seriously and are dedicated to prompt and timely service.

To schedule lawn mowing services when you want, reach out to our team today! We’ll be happy to accommodate the needs of your schedule.

The Lawn Mowing Company Committed to Affordability

Many people believe that they should take care of their lawn mowing needs on their own time. While this can seem like a frugal choice, the money you spend on equipment, fuel, and wasted time can add up. You shouldn’t have to feel like professional lawn care services are out of reach.

With J&S Lawn and Landscape LLC, you can have professionally maintained and groomed lawns at a price you can afford. We work efficiently with the proper equipment, keeping our rates as low as possible.

We want to ensure that each and every customer has access to our services. That’s why we offer grass cutting packages at a variety of price points. In this way, we can help as many clients as possible, helping Lexington’s properties shine. Depending on the size of your property and frequency of your lawn care needs, our prices will vary. No matter which offering you choose, you can always expect our staff to show up on time and ready to work.

To help you understand the cost of your desired services, we offer free quotes! Just contact us, let us know the size of your property and what you’re looking for, and we’ll do our best to help you.

J & S Lawn & Landscape LLC: Local Lawn Care Done Right

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From our friendly customer service to our knowledgeable contractors, there’s no way you can go wrong when you call the team at J & S Lawn & Landscape LLC.

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