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When it comes to sod installation, there is no better landscaping company to trust than J&S Lawn and Landscape LLC. Over the years, we have established ourselves as true industry leaders. We have repeatedly risen through our field's ranks by offering the same incomparable service.

We pair our sod installation and removal services with client-centered customer service. Do you want quick turnarounds on installations, the expertise of helpful professionals, and a full suite of additional landscaping services? If so, we are the ones to call.

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All About J&S Lawn and Landscape LLC’s Sod Installation

Everyone wants their lawns to look beautiful and well-maintained, but only some have the time or patience to cultivate a luscious lawn from seed. In times such as these, a wonderful—and natural—option is available to you. It is more than likely that you are already a big fan of it, too.

Sod is a mat of grass that is held together by its roots. It covers the ground in lawns, parks, and other areas where a grassy surface is desired. Sod can be purchased from sod farms or some landscaping companies. It is also possible to grow your own sod, though this requires more work than simply buying it.

Sod provides many benefits over other types of ground coverings. For one, it establishes quickly and can be used immediately after installation. Sod also has a very dense root system, which helps to prevent erosion and hold the soil in place. Additionally, sod helps to keep weeds at bay and creates a healthy environment for beneficial insects and microbes.

Those who wish to reap these benefits and more know that we are the ones to call. Over the years, we have helped clients of all distinctions transform their residential and commercial properties. We’ve prepared land for sod installation, removed old sod, and never provided anything less than stunning results.

High Premium on Customer Service

We are a local landscaping company that puts a high premium on customer service. Since our first day of business, we have offered the most refined form of customer service, ensuring that all clients spend their money wisely with us. We don’t just address your immediate questions and top concerns—we anticipate them.

Look to us when you want any of the following:

  • Fast turnarounds on sod installations
  • Great rates on sod and other products
  • Helpful lawn care tips
  • Full suite of additional landscape services
  • And more

It isn’t hard to see how we’ve become the local favorite for sod services and general landscaping.

Up-Front Estimates on All Services

We believe in taking a transparent and honest approach to doing business. Why would any service provider approach their business any differently than this? Look to us when you want an up-front and honest answer to questions about service rates, the costs of sod, and everything in between.

We know that you value your money. You don’t want to overspend, and you don’t want to pay more than initially expected. With us, you’ll never have to worry about hidden fees or costs that appear without warning.

Ask All Your Questions

Would you like to learn more about the work that we do? Do you have questions about rates, services, and availabilities? Direct all your questions to our team. We take time to answer all of our clients’ questions.

All the Sod You Need

More than just hard workers and installers of sod, we can help our clients every step of the way. Our streamlined approach means that you can come to us before you even have a particular type of sod in mind. We’ll look at your property to determine which sod would work best for you and outline your options. So, whether you're starting from scratch or just looking to revamp your existing lawn, we have all the sod you need.

Here is a quick rundown of the most common types of sod we carry and their key characteristics.

Bermuda Sod

Bermuda sod is a warm-season grass common in the southern United States. It's known for its tough, durable nature and ability to withstand heavy traffic. Bermuda grass is a good choice for areas with a lot of activity, such as sports fields or playgrounds.

Fescue Sod

Fescue sod is a cool season grass popular in the northern United States. It's known for its dense, lush growth and deep green color. Fescue grass is a good choice for lawns or areas where you want thick, healthy-looking turf.

Kentucky Bluegrass

Kentucky bluegrass is another type of cool-season grass that's popular in the northern United States. It has a light blue-green color and forms a dense, carpet-like turf. Kentucky bluegrass is often used on golf courses and other high-end landscaping projects.

Perennial Ryegrass

Perennial ryegrass is another cool-season grass popular in the northern United States. It has a bright green color and forms a dense, hardy turf. Perennial ryegrass is often used on football fields, which makes it the preferred choice for clients looking to spruce up their public sporting areas.

Maintaining Sod With Care

When it comes to your sod, there is a maintenance-free solution. If you want to reap the natural benefits of sod, you will have to tend to your newly installed sod as if it were a naturally occurring lawn. That said, only some have time for regular lawn maintenance. Thankfully, we do.

Alongside our sod installation services comes a full suite of lawn care and landscape maintenance services, ensuring your property looks great long after the first sod installation session.

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When you want a picture-perfect lawn, sod is the way to go. Working with us ensures you get the most out of your newly purchased sod for years. We promise an expert installation, a full suite of additional services, and rates you will not believe.

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